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Simply stated, our Values represent what is most important to us. They serve as guideposts for our
decision making and highlight HOW we operate at the top of our game individually and as a team.
If we are doing a great job of living our Values, then you should feel the difference as our client.
We welcome your feedback along the way to ensure we are delivering upon our commitment.

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Why do we value our Values?

Culturology Values:

Be Curious First
• Creativity begins with an open-minded
positive attitude that unlocks possibilities
• Ask the extra question, learn a fresh perspective, discove
r new answers

Think Breakthrough
• Imagination and the power of great ideas change the world
• If you are not a little nervous, be bolder

Create an Experience
• Profound growth takes place when we are moved mentally, physically, and emotionally
• Cultivate a thriving environment that nurtures new thinking and personal insights

Be Authentic
• We owe each other the candid truth given with respect and positive intent
• Share the “real” you – the sum of many foibles and the priceless lessons learned

Insite Serious Fun
• True passion blurs the line between work and play and inspires the best of both
• Be at the top of your game – doing what you love and loving what you do

Live It
• Our right to guide others comes with the commitment to serve as role models first
• Teach others continuously, using words if necessary