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• Deep grounding on culture-shaping strategy and its impact on results
• Experience leading teams to a higher level of accountability, engagement, and collaboration
• A fun and inspiring personality with a positive viewpoint that is contagious
• A passion for helping people discover insights that impact lives
• Superior skills and ability as a facilitator
• An entrepreneur’s spirit of adventure to explore
• The drive to execute with energy and care
• A desire to serve clients in a way that sees them as a true partner
• Ownership over creating opportunities to succeed by generating sales
• Unquestionable integrity, refreshing honesty, the “real deal” genuine article of a person
• Upon reading the Culturology Values, you get a twinkle in your eye because they describe what’s important to you
• A desire to build relationships through your work by representing something you believe in
• This list got you excited instead of making you cringe

If Culturology looks like a good fit, we’d enjoy sharing our vision with you and learning about your interests. Contact Steve Van Valin at 484-364-1171 or email steve@culturologyUSA.com.
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