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Steve Van Valin, CEO

Steve Van Valin is co-founder and CEO of Culturology.  The new venture leverages Steve’s 25-year career in
developing winning culture and brand strategy for such companies as QVC, Sportschannel Philadelphia, and Music
Choice. In addition, Steve has partnered with numerous clients to help foster healthy cultures and innovation. 

As the leader of QVC’s culture and brand development strategy for over 14 years, Steve specialized in shaping a highly
engaged workforce and innovation processes that helped propel the company’s double-digit growth. Steve led the effort
to align the development of teams and employees at all levels to QVC’s Values, known collectively as The QVC Difference.
Steve is a talented designer of experiences that facilitate learning and personal insights.  He possesses deep grounding on
many key facets that influence leadership talent and team dynamics, The experiences he creates are facilitated with passion, curiosity and a sense of empathy that spark a dynamic, open rapport among participants.

Steve is also an advocate for developing personal creativity.  He is currently completing a book entitled The Nature of
Creativity which highlights the actions individuals can take to grow their creative capacity.

Steve lives in Downingtown, PA, with his wife Kara and two children.


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