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Our breakthrough program

The Breakthrough Leader program is based on the most extensive research
study of workplace engagement ever conducted.

Through a rigorous analysis of nearly 12,000 diary entries, Dr. Teresa Amabile
of Harvard Business School and Dr. Steven Kramer discovered that making progress on meaningful work is the #1 driver of engagement in the workplace. Their findings were published in The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work.

The book shows how to remove obstacles to progress, including meaningless tasks and toxic relationships. It equips aspiring and seasoned leaders alike
with the insights they need to maximize their people’s performance.

(Excerpted from the Harvard Business Review Press website)

>>The Progress Principle
Our Methodology
It’s their power to build a cadre of employees who have great inner work lives — consistently positive emotions; strong motivation; and favorable perceptions of the organization, their work, and their colleagues.

Breakthrough Leader program
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