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The new indispensable rules of engagement  
Program Impact
>>The Progress Principle
Our Methodology

What’s the #1 driver of engagement? Making progress on meaningful work.

A Progress Driven Leadership mindset is the key to engagement:
• Highly effective leaders were identified as driving progress on meaningful work while serving as catalysts of creativity
mand problem solving. They also played the role of nourishers of team unity and built momentum through small wins.

• Ineffective leaders did the opposite. They did not provide clear-cut goals or a vision for the work, and often inhibited
minnovation. Instead of uniting the team, they were considered toxic to the culture of the team and viewed as a barrier
mto progress.

The Breakthrough Leader program reveals specific opportunities for leaders to engage team members and
provides tools for developing a customized action plan. Participants focus on planning the conditions for success that
can be implemented immediately following the program.

An entirely new strategy for engagement:
The Progress Driven Leadership approach is not a “soft” strategy. On the contrary, making progress toward meaningful
work is a tangible outcome with a direct impact on the bottom line. The skills and attitudes required to facilitate progress
and increase engagement are germane to real-time collaboration and excellent, day-to-day management practices.

The Progress Principle demonstrates that the more rigorous a leader becomes in the quest for results in a highly respectful,
collaborative manner, the more effective he/she will be at engaging their team. The Breakthrough Leader program ultimately
provides a “2 for 1” benefit to leaders, teams, and organizations, serving both as a potent strategy for increasing engagement
while driving outstanding results.

Leadership boots on the ground:
Leader interaction is the crucial point at which engagement is won or lost. For most organizations this is both good and
challenging news. The good news is that engagement practices can indeed be influenced directly to provide a high return
on investment. The challenging news is that advancing engagement takes more than a master-stroke from upper-leadership.
It requires leaders at all levels to participate in a concerted effort to drive progress on meaningful work.
The Breakthrough Leader program reveals how this can be achieved.

Experiential learning coupled with relevant tools:
The program delivers solid grounding in the fundamental leadership strategy of driving progress on meaningful work using
relevant and sustainable leadership actions. It also provides participants with the opportunity to put the factors illuminated
by The Progress Principle into everyday practice. The methodology used in the program to drive sustainable behavior
change has its genesis in experiential learning combined with relevant, focused action planning.

A sustainable approach to leadership development and engagement:
It is vital that applied learning continues beyond the classroom.  Consequently, the program is designed to provide a
wide repertoire of insights and practical tools to put plans into desired action.  Participants leave the program with
a comprehensive plan for putting the principles into place in a way that will be supported and measured by the organization. 
The Breakthrough Leader approach can become the new standard for leading and engaging within your organization.

Workshop logistics:
•The workshop is flexible to be provided in a half-day format, or as full-day.  The full content can be facilitated in (2) half-days
to accommodate schedules.

•A one-hour LIVE webinar can be provided to reinforce commitments and build support.

• The content is relevant for managers at every level, and is appropriate for intact teams of managers, and higher level employees
without direct reports

• The ideal group size is 25 participants, but the session can be conducted effectively with as few as 12, and as many as 50 participants.
•The session can be conducted either on-site, or off-site using a large enough room to allow for comfortable group interaction and activates

Learn what the best leaders of engagement practice every day. The Breakthrough Leader program is designed
to advance employee engagement by transforming the way leaders lead.

The impact of workforce engagement

Workforce engagement is one of the most crucial issues in culture development today. No other attribute of culture has
a greater impact on achieving results and performance in the workplace. The Breakthrough Leader program provides leaders
at all levels with key insights, tools, and action plans for advancing the engagement and performance of their teams.
A stunning discovery every leader must know

The program is based on the breakthrough research of engagement and creativity by Harvard
Business School Director of Research Dr. Teresa Amabile and Dr. Steven Kramer, published in
the book The Progress Principle. This research is the most in-depth study of its kind regarding
what motivates high performance in the work place.

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