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Select the right design and facilitation partner –
make every moment of your offsite or retreat count.
Speaking Overview

A disciplined yet creative approach

Offsites and retreats are among the most effective ways for teams to learn, grow, and recalibrate together. We combine a disciplined approach to design and facilitation with creative savvy. Our goal
is to create experiences that spark insights and deeper relationships.

Putting together a program on your own can be a daunting task. We are ready to be your partner
to ensure success. We will work with you to identify your team’s strengths, challenges, and goals.
Then we’ll design and deliver an event that’s customized to your specific needs. We’ve worked with
both large and mid-size companies to create their entire experience
around key themes, including:

• Engagement
• Culture Change
• Teambuilding and Team Alignment
• Creativity and Innovation
• Leadership
• Customer Service
• Making the Brand Connection
• Discovering Purpose at Work
• Vision and Values
• Strategic Priorities
• Accountability
Amazing outcomes

Participants focus on honest dialogue, personal reflection and action planning so that learning can be implemented immediately following the event. Our experiences always include:
• Experiential learning methodology
• Unique and creative exercises that spark insights and amazing dialogue
• An energized tone that keeps people engaged
• Use of multimedia to keep the learning fresh and interesting
• Ways to replicate the brand of your company into the experience itself
• Action items and commitments that make the experience pay off

Whether you’re planning an offsite or retreat for a team of senior executives, managers,
or staff members, we’ll help partner with you to make it great. Contact us today.

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