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The best organizations in the world work purposefully on engagement.
Consulting Approach

They don’t leave it up to chance or consider it a secondary by-product of factors outside of their control. Great organizations work to increase engagement the same way they concentrate on their other important strategic priorities.

You need a plan to succeed
Make your engagement strategy an expectation of the way you do business together. We will show you how to implement key elements that work synergistically within your culture. Engagement is a choice that can be influenced.
We invite you to leverage our experience and the most in-depth research to make it happen.

Engagement Survey Follow-through
Have you invested a lot of time and money into conducting an engagement survey? The results are in – now what?
If you find yourself at this important crossroad, we have a significant call out to consider, and some good news on
how you can take next steps.

Here is one vital reason to follow-through on your survey results. You’ve asked people to share their honest opinions,
and now they expect something to happen as a result. Doing nothing will erode leadership confidence and lead to cynicism in your culture.

We have the expertise to guide your engagement survey follow-through. Choose to increase leadership confidence, respect and optimism in your culture. Here are the imperatives to our approach:

The 5 imperatives for engagement survey Follow-through

1. Connect business goal achievement with the output of an engaged culture
Relentlessly communicate why engagement is essential in order to achieve your goals.

2. Build shared accountability of results and ownership of follow-through
Survey follow-through should not be an HR-only initiative. Everyone has a significant stake in the outcome. The
follow-through effort must be prioritized as a strategic deliverable for the entire organization. Let people know in no uncertain terms that “they have been heard,” by identifying what you plan to work on together as a result of the survey.

3. Direct follow-through efforts on future-oriented actions that will elevate engagement
Avoid the focus-group trap at all costs. Focus-groups tend to concentrate their efforts on past analysis and do not effectively identify what needs to be different in the future. Be forward focused with a bias toward action and accountability.

4. Invest where engagement is won or lost -- supervisory competence
The impact of daily practices and actions of supervisors (all levels) leads to a sustainable culture of engagement.
A focus on supervisory competence has the highest ROI for engagement.

5. Train for the beliefs and behaviors you desire
Change begins with awareness. Awareness gives people choices, but they still have to make a good
choice. Train for what you expect, and then inspect (measure) what you expect. Engagement is a choice that can be influenced.



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