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Innovation can be your ultimate competitive advantage.
Is your culture ready?
Consulting Approach

Innovation is the natural output of a highly engaged workforce. The ability to innovate is driven by
your culture’s capacity to generate and execute ideas that grow your business.

We have robust tools to drive innovation in your organization, including the Spark methodology
for igniting ideas and generating action. To learn more about Spark, click the “play” icon:

Let us show you how to build an innovation culture
We begin by providing a strategic road map for your innovation strategy. Successful organizations have
a vision and plan for innovation. We will guide you to establish clear-cut goals that inspire purposeful and
motivated innovation efforts.

Our ground-level approach enhances the creative competency and receptivity within your culture.
Idea generation will become a valued expectation, making innovation sustainable in the long-term.

Innovation is not complete without the discipline to execute. We apply the rigor that the best innovators
utilize consistently to make steady progress.

We design and lead highly effective brainstorming sessions
Your challenge and audience is unique. We will work with you to first identify your specific objectives and
desired outcomes. Then, we will design a customized experience with the energy to inspire truly great ideas.
The total experience is engaging. It builds confidence within your culture for the value of collaboration.

Build your innovation capacity and bring brainstorming in-house
Imagine having the ability to conduct effective brainstorming sessions in-house whenever you need them.
We put the proven planning and execution steps for leading brainstorming sessions right into your hands.
Our tools are comprehensive and incredibly easy to use. We will partner with you on the “train-the-trainer”
steps that build expertise and confidence for leading exceptional brainstorming sessions.

Spark is our methodology for igniting ideas and generating action. The graphic below shows the full creative
process for conducting an effective brainstorming session. We have specific tools and templates for each of the
key steps to guide the design and facilitation plan. Please contact us to learn how Spark can be implemented
within your organization.


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