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>>The Progress Principle

Accountability is required for a sustained commitment to excellence. A mindset of accountability is an essential
factor for execution, problem solving and innovation at all levels. When people adopt an accountable mindset,
they take action to own and solve problems while exploring and leveraging opportunities.

Competencies: Commitment to excellence, execution, innovation, customer focus, change management


Accountability - This workshop explores the accountable mindset, which is essential for workplace engagement and performance. Participants build a plan to create ownership of results and avoid the trap of being victimized by events outside of their control.

Coaching - Coaching is one of the most powerful tools in a leader’s repertoire to build accountability. This workshop focuses on the essential principles and specific techniques for being a highly effective coach who brings out the best in others.

Change Management - The pace of change is accelerating in business and in life. This workshop underscores the practice of being a proactive solution finder in the face of change by adapting to changing circumstances and taking total ownership for results.

Customer Focus - Understanding the impact of your role on the customer experience is vital to creating a sense of ownership and accountability. This workshop explores the clear “line of sight” from the employee to the customer and the ways in which companies build their brand one interaction at a time.


Respect is important enough to be a core universal value in every workplace. We establish the value of respect by identifying the impact of respectful behavior on self-esteem and motivation. When there is a high level of expectation for giving (and getting) respect, anything else becomes unacceptable and counter to the culture.

Competencies: Emotional Intelligence, trustworthiness, engagement practices, appreciation of others, flexing style, leveraging diversity


EQ (Emotional Intelligence) - EQ is recognized as the difference maker between leaders who are average and those who are exceptional. This workshop builds awareness of the 4 dimensions of EQ so participants are able to make better choices: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Empathy, and Social Management.

Conflict Management - Conflict is inevitable within a culture, especially with the high level of pressure to deliver together as a team. Conflict management is now a required leadership competency. This workshop explores what causes conflict, what goes wrong when we try to manage conflict, and what we can do to have healthy conflict.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment - MBTI is considered one of the best tools to elevate emotional intelligence. This workshop not only allows participants to identify their type code preferences, but also provides a
plan of action from which they can build a targeted professional development plan.

DiSC assessment - DiSC provides a fascinating lens through which to examine people’s behavior. When teams complete the DiSC assessment, they are better able to understand differences in opinion, problem solving approach, and communication styles. This results in higher levels of empathy and respect among colleagues.

Listening Lab - Listening has become a lost art form in the multi-tasking age of multimedia, yet remains a competency vital to building relationships and respect at all levels. This workshop explores what it takes to listen
at a high level for understanding beyond the spoken word.

Recognition and Appreciation - Recognition and appreciation are fundamental nourishers of respect in
the workplace. This workshop provides the tools, techniques, and practice that allow participants to confidently increase their capacity to recognize and appreciate others.


The new paradigm of leadership calls for creating the conditions for people to be successful as a team.
We examine the dynamics of masterful teams that have the ability to: 1) be creative, 2) highly adaptable to change,
3) communicate across their network, and 4) leverage their combined strengths to meet challenges.

Competencies: Teamwork, creativity, innovation, problem solving, brainstorming, change management, accountability, engagement practices, communication, goal setting


Communicating for Results - George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem with communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.” Communication is indeed complex and is becoming more challenging with
the expanding media choices for leaders. This workshop teaches participants such critical skills as active listening, nonverbal communication, effective email writing, utilization of the newest technology tools, and other essential aspects of the communication process.

Creative Leadership - Creativity is one of the most highly sought after competencies of leaders due to the increased complexity of business challenges. This workshop covers what leaders can do to build their own personal creative capacity, plus leverage the tools and techniques of ideation that drive innovation as a team.

Decision Making - Making decisions in today’s pressure cooker business environment is fraught with risk. Move too slowly and your competitors will beat you. Move too fast and you may make a critical mistake. This workshop looks at powerful, proven tools and techniques for making decisions that lead to desirable outcomes.

Generational Differences - The extent to which members of different generations think differently, interpret information differently, and react to change differently is well-documented. How well a team functions together is largely a reflection of its members’ ability to navigate diversity. This workshop reveals the latest research on generational differences and shows how to best operate within a diverse culture.

Meetings that Matter - A team’s culture is highly influenced by the effectiveness of the meetings its members hold. This workshop explores the fundamentals of designing and facilitating effective meetings, as well as the techniques that add high energy collaboration and empowerment to keep them fresh and dynamic.

Elective workshops:

- Spark! (Brainstorming design and facilitation)
- Project Team Excellence (Communication and strategic planning via a 3-part “huddle” system)
- Building Trust and Influence: (A Guide for Leaders)
- Selecting the Best: (How to Hire for Optimal Culture Fit)
- How to Develop and Deliver Professional Presentations
- The Gettysburg Leadership Experience (An advanced “living laboratory” case study in leadership)

What past participants say:

• "Kept the class interesting and inviting. The group activities helped us stay focused."
• "I loved how interactive the class was. The presenter was dynamic and the Powerpoints were funny and helpful."
• "Really enjoyed the real-life examples that apply to everyday life."
• "Great visuals and quotes."
• "Loved the presenter's understanding and passion for the topic."
• "The use of video clips to explain certain concepts was excellent."
• "The presenter was really interesting and had a great perspective."

Bring the Culture Academy in-house
It’s now possible to conduct an extensive roll-out of our programs in-house using your team. We can train your own instructors to expertly deliver any of the Culture Academy courses. Our “train-the-trainer” model ensures quick mastery of course material and proficient delivery of the content. Contact us for more information.

Our Methodology
Our Culture Academy courses deliver the core principles for crafting an engaged culture. Now, you can immediately implement a world-class development curriculum for your organization. We’ve done the research and hard work of
design for you.

The Culture Academy curriculum brings to life the three vital pillars of a high-performance culture:
 Accountability, Respect, and Collaboration. 

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